I'm officially a fan of the compost cupcake (and a hint on how to enjoy it best)

I made it over to Cupcake Royale in Capitol Hill the other day, though I'm hoping when I go back to Seattle I will get to visit another of their stores just for some variety. Reminder, Seattle, Sunday from 11-2 is CupcakeCamp Seattle.

mini compost cupcake and whiskey maple bacon cupcake

Anyway, I was excited to try the compost cupcake with coconut, coffee grounds, oats, potato chips and more at Cupcake Royale, which comes in big and mini sizes. I chose the mini and I also bought a whiskey maple bacon cupcake. [Official description: "Moist vanilla butter cake, hand-frosted with Irish Whiskey Maple Buttercream. Made with Jameson Irish Whiskey and real maple syrup, this malted maple swirl truly takes the edge off…a sweet tooth, that is. Dusted with or without bacon crumbles from Zoe's Meats, it's true to its Irish heritage down to the tiniest tasty detail."] Sad story: I was full from my coffee and mini compost cupcake so got a to go box for the maple cupcake and a coconut one and...managed to leave them somewhere. So those I will also have to try again.

mini compost cupcake, post-bite

The compost cupcake is great for chocolate and salt lovers. There's a hint of saltiness from the potato chips that worked really well and I did sneak a little piece of bacon off of my maple bacon cupcake and that really upped the saltiness. I liked the texture on top and have to say I might go back and get a big one and just eat the top off. The cake was delicious too and the mini compost cupcake was perfect in every way and more than satisfying, though it did make me want more. I find that with any kind of cupcake that's a little less sweet, whether because it has salt or maybe fruit or whatever, I have the capacity to eat more of them versus something that's just pure buttercream or sugar overload.

Other photos from Cupcake Royale, which now sells vegan and gluten-free cupcakes daily. Visit cupcakeroyale.com for more information.