I'm a Red Velvet and I'm a tie dye t-shirts at Baked by Melissa, plus Peanut Butter Fluff mini cupcakes

I stopped by Baked by Melissa in SoHo in New York yesterday and got one of their April cupcakes of the month, the Peanut Butter Fluff. I love how they can pack so much into one tiny cupcakes, and I also love peanut butter and marshmallow. It reminded me of the first time I ever had marshmallow fluff; I'd never even heard of it, and I was at a summer day camp and everyone was eating peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches, and while whether I liked it is a bit fuzzy, feeling totally out of the loop for not knowing what fluff was is what I recall. These were interesting, and a good mix of peanut butter to fluff, salty and sweet. Sometimes, even for a marshmallow lover like I am, marshmallow can be too sweet, so this wasn't the case. And for $1 it was a great snack!

Baked by Melissa is also selling cupcake t-shirts that say "I'm a Red Velvet" or "I'm a Tie Dye." What I want to know is where's my "I'm a S'mores" t-shirt? I'd wear that! Baked by Melissa ships their mini cupcakes nationwide and has six locations in Manhattan. Visit bakedbymelissa.com and their Facebook page for more information.

They are running a contest where you can win by uploading photos of Baked by Melissa cupcakes to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.:

What else is happening with Baked by Melissa? They've launched an iPad app! You can create cupcakes, play with cupcake art, find store locations and order cupcakes. Here are some screen shots from the store page:

Last but not least, today through April 8th, you can get Easter mini cupcakes at all Baked by Melissa bakeries: