Is $33 a lot for a dozen cupcakes?

Cupcake prices have come up here before, and I will fully admit that I often pay $3.50-$3.75 in New York and other cities for a cupcake, but when I'm buying one or two at a time, it doesn't seem so high. Yesterday I bought two dozen cupcakes from Let's Cupcake SF at 2255 Judah Street in San Francisco and I guess I had a bit of sticker shock at the $66 price. What do you think?

I did not get to try such unusual cupcake flavors of theirs as pear, so I can't speak to that one, but I will be trying more soon, but I will say that the people I was bringing them to devoured them and seemed very happy. I tried a cookies and cream one that had a graham cracker bottom that was a bit crumbly but was otherwise delicious, with a very moist and sweet cake, very good frosting and a few M and Ms embedded in the frosting. I also like the name and turning "cupcake" into a verb! I found them through Yelp and had never heard of them; I didn't stay long, but it looked like a spacious local bakery and had some interesting flavors, though they also had staples like chocolate and red velvet, but more of an emphasis on more creative flavors.

I had been planning to go to Mission Minis but they are closed on Mondays (closed bakeries when I need cupcakes make me sad, but I understand needing a day off). I'm hoping to try more of their cupcakes and other Bay Area cupcakes while I'm in town this week before I head back to Seattle for CupcakeCamp Seattle. You can visit Let's Cupcake SF on Facebook and reach them at 415-702-9649.


Aimee B. said…
Personally, I would not spend $33 on a dozen cupcakes, EVER, not even when they look that pretty. That's nearly $3 a cupcake, which I guess is better than their usual individual price, but for me still waaaaaaaay too pricey for my wallet. It makes me cringe when I know I can make a dozen for maybe a buck or two, not those fancy ones, but still... Anyway,the consensus in my family is that they better be darn good cupcakes at that price, lol!
Just a question, is cake per slice more expensive over there?

In SA people are happy to pay R27-R40 for a slice of cake but when it comes to cupcakes they're only happy to pay R10-R25. I don't get it there is often so much more work in an individual Cupcake than there is in a cake. Think there needs to be a mindset change.

Mind you I have more than enough orders and we're probably the most expensive in the city we're in. Our basic Cupcake starts at R15 for plain vanilla.

This week we're quoting on a Cupcake for over R100 but there's lots of detail in it. I guess its all depends on who your target market is?
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