Tori Spelling's red velvet cupcake recipe, game night domino cupcakes and party planning tips galore in her new book celebraTORI

Tori Spelling has a new book out called celebraTORI: Unleashing Your Inner Party Planner to Entertain Friends and Family. It's not about cupcakes per se, but there are cupcakes on the cover and scattered throughout the book, including the personalized ones below, and she walks you through every step of party planning, from where to host it, how to do your invitations (she is not a fan of Evite), to planning the atmosphere, theme, food, drinks, games, party favors, and beyond. Tori shares her own highs and lows and tips for all kinds of parties on a budget. It's a beautiful book and I will be sharing more tomorrow; I'm going to a book party for celebraTORI and, if you'll allow me a fangirl moment, I'm very excited to get to meet her! Tori's site, ediTORIali, also regularly features cupcakes like these red velvet cupcakes (click through for the recipe!). You can follow her on Twitter @torianddean.

For a game night party, Tori writes this about the dessert table:
Surrounding the vintage ephemera were the desserts. There were cupcakes, of course, each one with a different scrabble tile cookie. Balanced against the real dominos were cookies decorated to look like dominos. And near the Bingo spinner were white Bingo ball cake lollipops and sugar cookies iced to look like Bingo cards. To fill out the table, I made mini cupcakes--chocolate with white icing an red candy on top.

Tori's red velvet cupcakes