Would you eat a "compost cupcake" made with coconut, coffee grounds, oats, chocolate chips and potato chips?

Compost is the cupcake flavor of the month at Seattle bakery Cupcake Royale. Here's how they describe it:
Our brilliant bakers have thrown in all the good stuff - tasty morsels of coconut, coffee, oats, chocolate chips, vanilla cake crumble and even Tim's Original potato chips into our already delectable chocolate cake.

We top it all off with a mound of chocolate frosting and roll it in a crumb topping of oats, dark chocolate, coffee grounds and more potato chips!
I do actually like all those items separately (okay, I've never had coffee grounds) so I think I'll like it. I'll be in Seattle this weekend so I will offer up a first-hand account. In the meantime, find out more about Cupcake Royale and their hours/locations as well as new vegan and gluten-free cupcake options at cupcakeroyale.com and on Facebook and @CupcakeRoyale on Twitter.


Michael Trenary said…
Honey, it is so good! Up there with my favorite Cupcake Royale offerings... can't wait for you to try it!
Dawn Mitchell said…
Yes! I love chocolate, coconut and coffee together. It sounds like a latte. Very clever 'compost' cupcake.