Bookworm "dirt" cupcakes, "reading rainbow" cupcakes, wise owls, lions and ladybugs for a kids' story hour by JannaBee's

CupcakeCamp Boston is coming up this Monday, May 21st, and on their website they've been profiling various bakers whose cupcakes will be available, and one of them was custom dessert company JannaBee's, which led me to their Facebook page and these adorable cupcakes! The first few cupcakes and the pretzel ladybug (not a cupcake, but I couldn't resist, plus I could see mini versions of these ladybug pretzels, or other painted pretzels, as cupcake toppers!) were from a special order for Story Stomp, whose official description is: "Story Stomp is an event for families with children up to age 12 that fuses the imaginative worlds of reading, music, and dance." I love that they took the theme of reading and ran with it: reading rainbows, book worms, wise owls, between the lions and lucky ladybugs!

Their full list of cupcake flavors can be found here. I'll share just a few of their top shelf specialty flavors: blueberry pie, caramel peanut candy bar, chocolate salted caramel, coffee toffee, key lime pie, maple walnut, mocha madness, peachy keen, raspberry lime rickey, strawberry cheesecake. JannaBee's is based in Malden, Massachusetts, and can be reached at jannabees at or 339-224-8785.

check out the whiskers on these lions!

I know this isn't a cupcake, but it's a ladybug pretzel! Come on, can you resist its cuteness?


Debra Kapellakis said…
Reading just became more fun.