Macaroons on MacTop cupcakes by The Sweet Lobby offer the best of both worlds

When I saw the name "The Sweet Lobby" in a headline, I actually thought it was a lobbying group! Instead, it's a Cupcake Wars winning cupcake and macaron bakery located in (where else?) Washington, DC at 404 8th Street SE that was featured on Cupcake Wars Champions. These photos are via their Facebook page, and their signature cupcake is the MacTop cupcake, featuring a macaron on top! They can be reached at 202-544-2404 or info at and you can get more info at Some photography by Red Shoes Photography.

The Madagascar: "A fried plantain cupcake, filled with a tamarind mousse, topped with coffee buttercream, coffee-tamrind drizzle AND a rice krispy coated coffee-plantain macaron"

red, white and blue macarons - I can see these on July 4th cupcakes, or even a flag cupcake/macaron cake

2012 cupcakes

s'mores cupcakes


Debra Kapellakis said…
All of them look very very very yummy!