Mario Tennis cupcakes sent by Nintendo UK to promote new game, made by Lola's Cupcakes

UK media is abuzz on Twitter about the Mario Tennis cupcakes delivered by men in tennis outfits being in honor of the Mario Tennis Open sent to them courtesy of Nintendo UK, made by Lola's Cupcakes. Here are a few of the photos heating up the internet.

by bm_duncan on Instagram

by Alexxsia Elizabeth from Company Magazine via Lola's Cupcakes on Facebook - for orders, visit

by IGN UK (@IGN_UK) (IGN UK called these "absurdly chocolatey" and it's unclear if they are also made by Lola's or by someone else, since they are a different style than the others - if you have info, email us at cupcakestakethecake at and we'll update this post)

@StylistMagazine tweeted: "Men dressed as tennis players offering us ‪#MarioTennisOpen‬ cupcakes? Just another day in the Stylist office..."

by @Grazia_Live


Debra Kapellakis said…
A cupcake offering me cupcakes, yes please! he he he
Mike said…
What's even more awesome is playing Mario tennis and eating the cupcakes at the same time.