Would you prefer flip flop and margarita cupcakes or your pick of high heel shoe cupcakes?

Looking to celebrate Memorial Day weekend at the beach or out dancing? Grace & Shelly's Cupcakes in Naples (multiple locations) and Fort Myers, Florida, has you covered, with margarita and flip flop casual cupcakes or enough high heel shoe cupcakes to stock a shoe store (if they were wearable rather than edible)! Check them out on Facebook, and contact them at graceandshelly at gmail.com or 239-331-8944. Cupcake flavors include brown sugar caramel ("brown sugar cake – vanilla buttercream frosting drizzled with caramel and a dash of sea salt"), chocolate pretzel ("devil’s food cake with vanilla buttercream and crushed pretzels, topped with a chocolate covered pretzel and caramel drizzle"), mudslide ("devil’s food cake baked between two layers of Oreo cookie chunks and chocolate chips with chocolate buttercream frosting"), orange coconut ("coconut milk cake with orange-flavored cream cheese frosting sprinkled with coconut flakes"), raspberry lemonade ("lemon cake filled with fresh raspberry coulis with sweet lemon frosting") and turtle cheesecake ("rich devil’s food cake – caramel cream cheese frosting topped with chopped toasted pecans and caramel drizzle"), among many others.


Debra Kapellakis said…
Cute as cute can be!