Animal cupcake cuteness: ladybug and bumblebee by JoJo's Cupcakes & cream

Cute ladybug and bumblebee cupcakes and a few others by Jojo's Cupcakes & Cream at 8266 Ocean Gaetway in Easton, Maryland, via their Facebook page. The cream in their name stands for ice cream, which they also sell in flavors like your basics chocolate and vanilla as well as pistachio, minty moo, butter pecan white house cherry and caramel swirl. Find out more at and contact them at . Their cupcake flavors include Meg's pina colada ("White cupcake infused with sweet milk and Coco Lopez and topped with sweetened whipped cream"), caramel apple, banana pudding, butterscotch, s'mores, chocolate mocha, peaches and cream, Kahlua, margarita and more.

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