Denver's Church of Cupcakes wants you to "Worship These Cupcakes," serves Cana Coocnut and Pillar of Salt-ed Caramel cupcakes and has a "Confectional" photo booth

In a bold and all-encompassing rebranding move, Denver, Colorado cupcake bakery Lovely Confections has changed its name to Church of Cupcakes, as of yesterday, with marketing around the same theme, and celebrated last night with a grand opening party. They've got a new interior, menu, Facebook page and website, all branded around this new theme, from The Ten Commandments to a "Confectional" photo booth and "Worship These Cupcakes" and "OMG! Church of Cupcakes" t-shirts and more. Cupcake flavors include Let There Be Lemon!, Cana Coconut, Rapture Raspberry, Sprinkle Salvation, Devil's Food, Venerable Velvet and Pillar of Salt-ed Caramel, among other church-themed names. Photos from yesterday's relaunch party below via Facebook. You can follow them at @ChurchoCupcakes on Twitter. You can find more information at those links, including this description:
Like churchgoers to church, cupcakes are something we have faith in.

Not that we’ve ever had the gumption to worship a cupcake…okay, we confess, maybe we have. But there’s something about church that resonates so much with us about cupcakes…

Maybe it’s because they trigger a certain sensation that only a cupcake can. A mental turning point, if you will. Like, say, hiking a mountain. Once you’re done, the sense of “Oh yeah, baby!” is almost too intense to describe. Or kayaking a crazy river. After rafting over raging rapids and conquering blue waters, you lay back, look at the sky with euphoric bliss and repeat over and over with a perma-grin face, “Ahhh - the good life.” Of course, that’s the Church of Mother Nature. We worship her, too.

So, that’s how cupcakes make us feel. From the bottom of our toes to the tips of our buttercream-frosting-tipped noses, they simply make our soul happy.

So – we figured – why not create an entire faith-based community around the notion of a cupcake? We scream in response, “Worshippers Welcome!” And so was born Church of Cupcakes: locally-sourced, organic, tasty and eco-friendly fun built into all that we do…with a few cupcakes here and there. No harm done.

Now we ask, what are you religious about? Whatever it is, just believe. And eat a cupcake. We’re sure that’ll help you make up your mind.
Also of interest is that for their logo, as seen below, they used the site 99 Designs and chose this one out of 144 designs submitted by 24 designers.

Church of Cupcakes
1489 Steele St., Unit C
Denver, CO 80206