Do Pilates today, get a free cupcake!

Cupcake truck Curbside Cupcakes in Washington, DC has partnered with Fuse Pilates today to offer you, yes, a free cupcake if you try a free Pilates class! How cool is that? See Fuse Pilates for more information; they're celebrating their 2nd anniversary. This is also a great example of how local businesses can work together and support each other and bring awareness to potential new customers (and if you think people who work out don't like cupcakes, think again - every time I wear a cupcake-related t-shirt to the gym, I get people asking me about it, then wanting to tell me their favorite flavors and bakeries). Today's cupcake flavors are Red Velvet, The H Street (pictured below), Carrot Cake, Strawberry Delight, Lemon. Photos via Curbside Cupcakes on Facebook. This is all happening at 2008 Hillyer Place NW right off of CT AVe in Dupont, and Curbside Cupcakes will be there from 11-3 or until they run out of cupcakes.

the truck!

The H Street marble cupcake

red velvet

raspberry red velvet

raspberry lemonade

from Valentine's Day, but as with all cupcakes (or perhaps "almost" all): still cute!


Marbel cakes look.good :)