Excellent Anatomy-Themed Cupcakes!

 Sent in by a reader and cupcake enthusiast Karen Willoughby from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, these excellent anatomy cupcakes are made with pumpkin cake and a ginger-maple cream cheese frosting, topped with gum paste decorations. Karen just finished her first year of medical school (as she states, complete with full-body dissection -- um, ew!) so for her 30th birthday she created these amazing and anatomically correct wonders:

 Fantastic, right? I was blown away when I saw them.

 The heart.

The kidney and adrenal gland (in yellow) with vessels. I'd probably find this one difficult to eat.

The liver and gallbladder (in green).

 The cortex/brain. For zombie cupcake lovers.

The small and large intestines with mesentery (in yellow). I find this particularly gross and interesting.

 The lungs, trachea, and bronchi. For someone like me who suffers from chronic pneumonia this one is fascinating. I would love to have a set of these for my long-suffering pulmonologist!

 Half of a breast showing the mammary glands.

Knee joint (between the femur and tibia) with the fibula bone, patella, and patellar ligament on top. 

 An eyeball with the four rectus muscles. Who knew the eyeball even had something called "rectus muscles?"

No one dressed up like this for *my* 30th birthday party, but then again, I hadn't completed a tough first year of medical school either. Karen, if you decide a career in life-saving medicine isn't for you, may I humbly suggest owning and operating (!) a cupcakery?