Extra colorful graduation cupcakes rocking stylish mortarboards

I think these graduation cupcakes add a little classy style to the usual black mortarboard cupcake, don't you? (Not that there's anything wrong with the classics, but I like when people mix it up). The top ones by bakery Cupcakes Actually in Fairfax, Virginia, via their Facebook page. If you order 12 or more graduation cupcakes, you get 15% off your order. Visit them at cupcakesactually.com for more information.

These colorful graduation cupcakes are by blogger Sweet Simple Stuff who shows you how to make your own using graham crackers, white chocolate/candy melts, Air Head Xtremes, War Heads Sour Twists, M&Ms and Sixlets! I love when candy gets repurposed into cute cupcake decorations.