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I have a new addiction. Not really addiction. More like guilty pleasure. Except that I don't feel guilty.

When I moved back to Omaha, Nebraska after being gone for about a decade, I knew I'd be looking forward to the great restaurants, fun art scene, and creative shops the town has to offer. I didn't know, however, that there was a little cupcake shop, not five minutes from my house.

Now, I am a decent baker. I've made some great bread, pizza dough, cinnamon rolls, and cookies, but when it comes to cakes, I have not had a huge success rate (like those runny frosting cakes on Isaiah's birthday) . Maybe it's that whole thing about following the recipe exactly, or maybe it's that the frosting is a bit tricky to get the hang of when you're a military wife who keeps getting moved from the cold in New York, down to the hellish heat in Texas. Whatever the reason for my cupcake baking failures, I have decided to make it my personal mission in life to taste any and all local cupcakes that may be hiding in cute little shops around the town I am currently living in.

When I first tried the cakes at Cupcake Island, it was an overcast morning, and I felt like I was getting a cold. Nothing says: "cheer up", like a cupcake vacay from the Island.

I packed my little helpers into the van, and five minutes later, we were tumbling out and into the adorable Cupcake Island - Omaha's First and Only Cupcake Shop, located just off 120th & Pacific streets.

Who doesn't love a bakery display case? It's magical.

We left with a small sample of the beauties that eyed us from the glass case. These are mini in size, but definitely not in taste.

Pictured from left to right are:

Pink Champagne, Lemon Drop, Children's Favorite, 24 Carrot Cake,
Boston Cream, Lemon Drop, Twirl For Me, Just Say "I Do",
Boston Cream, Grasshopper, Grasshopper, Celebration.

These aren't even half the flavors Cupcake Island has to offer. You can see (and drool over) all their other fancy flavors, along with a delectable descriptions on the Cupcake Island Website.

Do stop by Cupcake Island if you're ever passing through.

"More please!"

Elisa is a homeschooling mama who has lived all over the United States with her soldier-husband and their three boys. She enjoys looking at life through her camera lens and blogs about her adventures in housekeeping at


Shirley Neary said…
Thanks, Elisa, and Cupcakes Take the Cake! As a founder and co-owner of Cupcake Island, I was pleasantly surprised just now to see this post! So Fun!
Shirley Neary
Chriss said…
... and they serve them chilled, perfect with a glass of milk. I always buy a mini to eat in the car on the way home so I don't dive into the box!!