Loki from The Avengers cupcake, complete with helmet, plus Captain America cupcake by Nerdache Cakes

Check out this Loki cupcake, fans of The Avengers. It's made by 19-year-old New York City baker Ant of Nerdache Cakes! "Loki’s helmet is made from 24 separate fondant pieces, and took over 3 days to put together. It’s pretty screen accurate- besides it being edible! His horns are actually carved pieces of fondant that started as solid rectangles." The others are via Nerdache Cakes on Facebook.

Captain America

And then we get to two cupcakes that I'm stumped on - anyone know what these are?


Liana said…
The last one looks like it's this character from the webcomic eMSPaintAdventures: http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004322

The current story is called Homestuck and it's long, complicated, and really awesome.
Unknown said…
Also Eridan (one of the 12 trolls) from Homestuck.