Soda celebration: 4 Cherry Coke cupcakes, 1 Cherry Coke Zero cupcake and Coke float push pops plus recipe links

It's a sweet soda celebration in cupcake form! 3 bloggers have taken these beloved beverages and turned them into our favorite dessert. First up is A Muse in My Kitchen, who made these delicious-looking Cherry Coke cupcakes, and has the recipe:

She was inspired by Brown Eyed Baker's recipe (see cut open cupcake below), and Brown Eyed Baker writes about her cupcakes: "The combination of chocolate, the faint Coke flavor, the cherry filling, and then the light whipped cream on top is a sensational combination of flavors and textures."

A Muse in My Kitchen was also inspired by Annie's Eats' Cherry Coke cupcakes...

and Sugared Whisk, and A Muse in My Kitchen's recipe combines elements from all three blogs! I love when one food blog inspires another, and I'm sure that process will continue.

The Queen of Iwasgonna made Cherry Coke Zero cupcakes:

Gimme Some Oven made Coke float push pops!

From the post:
For a “Spring Into Summer” party with friends this week, I decided to try a “Coke Floats” theme — Coca-Cola chocolate cake, layered with homemade whipped cream, and of course, a cherry on top. They were a hit!!! Granted, the Coca-Cola cake recipe ended up being a surprising amount of work (not difficult, just a little time-consuming), but the cake was super delicious and made for some adorable little push-up pops!