White wedding mini cupcakes by Baked by Melissa, June's flavor of the month

Yesterday I stopped by the Baked by Melissa shop on 14th Street off Union Square, one of multiple Manhattan locations, and bought one of their mini cupcake flavor of the month: wedding cupcakes. They get their cake whiter than any cake I've ever seen! The cupcake was pretty good, the best part being the Bavarian cream filling inside; obviously, these are small cupcakes, so there wasn't much in it, but there was enough. The white chocolate shavings are a nice touch too. They're $1 each, with price breaks the more you buy. Baked by Melissa also does mail order, and I learned that they sell colorful gift cards (see below) and that owner Melissa Bushell is getting married this month! Visit bakedbymelissa.com and their Facebook page for more information.