20,000 cupcakes used to create world's largest cupcake mosaic

From AsiaOne comes news of the latest cupcake mosaic, the world's largest, in Singapore:
Volunteers from the Ayer Rajah Constituency set a new Guinness World Record today for the world's largest cupcake mosaic, made up of 20,000 cupcakes.

The previous record was set in the United States using 5,900 cupcakes.

This effort, which involved large numbers of grassroots leaders, residents, and over 1,000 youths from Ayer Rajah as well as across Singapore, is directed at raising at least $100,000 to benefit less privileged youths and low income families.

CommuniBake 2012 was designed to be an engaging and fun project for the youths of Singapore, bringing them together to "bake, care and share", and helping them realise that every small effort contributes towards a good cause.

The proceeds will go mainly towards supporting the Ayer Rajah Community Hearts (ARCHearts) Youth Connect, which includes bursaries for needy students and development programmes to equip youths with life-skills. Besides this, the fund will also benefit other charities for children and the disabled.

photo via AsiaOne