3 fun in season key lime pie cupcakes

It's key lime cupcake season! Note that for the bakeries below, as with all our posts, you should check with the bakeries in question to make sure a given flavor is on sale the day you're going. Many of them change daily and post on their social media pages what they're serving.

an elaborate key lime cupcake by Let Them Eat Cupcakes in Honolulu, Hawaii, via - official description: "key lime cake with a vanilla cookie crust, a key lime curd filling, lime-scented cream cheese frosting, finished off with a cookie crumb rim and a dollop of key lime curd."

Putting the key in key lime cupcake by Moxie Cupcake in New Patlz, NY, via Facebook - it's called Lime in the Coconut even though no actual coconut is used, and on Facebook they say it's their favorite of their cupcakes. That's saying something! Official description: ""Lime In The Coconut" is a white coconut cake filled with a homemade key lime custard topped with delicious coconut buttercream, fresh organic coconut shreds and a fun white chocolate key! It's made with 100% key lime juice and organic pure coconut oil and organic 100% organic milk."

Lsst but not least, a mini key lime pie inside a cupcake by blogger Bake It in a Cake, whose cookbook Bake It In a Cupcake: 50 Treats with a Surprise Inside will be out in October and is available for pre-order (click on title) - we got our hands on an early copy and it's beautiful! Much more on that closer coming.