7 extremely cute animal cupcakes, including a hedghog with a strawberry on its back

These animal cupcakes are by Animated Cupcakes, based in Garden Grove, California, via their Facebook page. The three at the top (which I'm counting as 1 for the purposes of the subject line) are different versions of hedehogs; I love that there's a strawberry on top! Their cupcakes are available daily at Genki Restaurant & Bakery, located at 10130 Garden Grove Blvd., Suite 101, in Garden Groce, and you can contact them directly about orders at Animated.Cupcakes at gmail.com or 714-643-2214. Visit animatedcupcakes.com for more information.

And I know Hello Kitty isn't a "real" animal but this one was so cute, I couldn't resist, so consider it a bonus photo: