Anchorage, Alaska cupcake truck sells root beer float cupcakes with root beer jelly beans, plus many other flavors

I'm going on vacation to Alaska for a week in September, my first time, and decided to do a little research. I actually wasn't event looking up cupcakes when I came across this Anchorage Press article about mobile food trucks and lo and behold, guess what kind of truck was on there? Yes, the cupcake truck Kastle Kreactions:
Kastle Sorensen is owner of Kastle's Kreations. It’s possibly the newest food truck in town, but she's already making a name for herself. Most food trucks offer one of two things: ethnic foods or fair foods. Kastle's bright pink truck offers something altogether unique in the Anchorage mobile food scene: cupcakes.

Her story starts in the way of many food businesses; she made food, and people wanted more. So she made more. She started selling out of her home and at the markets, she says, and the food truck was the next step. "I wasn't even trying to start a business," she says. "I did a fundraiser and people started contacting me asking for more cupcakes. Word of mouth just got out there and I started making more flavors. And because cupcakes are popular right now, it just took off."

Her cupcakes aren't cheap, either—in terms of quality or price. For $32, you'll bring home 12 beautiful, moist, decadent cupcake. Kastle's Kreations offers over 50 flavors, ranging from the classic red velvet to bolder varieties like strawberry lemonade and churro, all of which you can call in to special order for pick-up. For everyday cupcake cravings, just follow her Facebook page, she'll tell you where she'll be, when she'll be there, and with what flavors.

This is the other thing about Kastle—she's taken "mobile" to a new level. In addition to using Facebook to drive traffic to her truck, she doesn't park the truck in one location day in and day out; you can find her in Anchorage one day, Eagle River or the Valley the next.
My mouth is watering already! These photos are via their Facebook page. they sell cupcakes out of their truck and also do custom cupcakes, and can be reached at kastleskreations at or 907) 726-1118. Find out more at

root beer float cupcake: "root beer cake topped w root beer buttercream frosting, garnished w root beer jelly beans & a chocolate straw"

Dr. Seuss custom cupcakes

alphabet cupcakes (I feel like people could spell out their names!)