Celebrating Independence Day - Around the World!

As you may know, I don't live in the USA anymore... I've been living in Germany since March of 2011! Since being in Europe, I've been surprised to see how many bakeries outside of the USA make American themed cupcakes during the holidays or during big events in the USA.

 Today's cupcakes are Independence Day cupcakes... from bakeries around the world!

 The Hummingbird Bakery - London, England

Life is Sweet - Belfast, Ireland

Sweet Tooth - Grafenwoehr, Germany

Java Cupcake - Eschenbach, Germany

Sugar Daze Bake Shop- Paris, France

Victorious Cupcakes

Alice in Cakeland - Rotterdam - Netherlands

The Sweet Cupcake Co. - Dublin, Ireland

If you're outside the USA and you'd like your cupcakes added to this post, send your pictures and a link to your Facebook page to betsy@javacupcake.com!