My marble fudge brownie cupcake fell apart but I liked it anyway

Yesterday, I visited the Georgetown Cupcake in SoHo (I also went there on Monday, but will tell you about those cupcakes separately). I like to stop by if I'm in the neighborhood because they have so many flavors, I get to continue my quest to try them all. Yesterday, I bought a marble fudge brownie cupcake (they're $2.75 each). It sounded good.

This is what it looked like at first:

Then I picked it up to take a photo and it started to separate:

And then it completely fell apart:

I think it may have been the heat, or just that particular cupcake. The bottom seems to be a cheesecake layer and then a fudge layer and those were wetter and softer than a cake base. I'm generally not a cheesecake lover but I liked the way these flavors tasted, so much so that I ate more than I planned to. The frosting is sweet and chocolate-y but not too much so, and works really well with the bottom. So if you're ever at Georgetown Cupcake on a Tuesday, I do recommend trying this cupcake, perhaps with a fork. Visit or their Facebook page (where at the top it tells us they are opening in Los Angeles - they already have shops in Washington, DC, Bethesda, NYC and Boston) or @gtowncupcake on Twitter for more information.


Tessa said…
These are delicious!! :)