Scientific proof that cupcakes can be customized for any interest or occasion, the boron edition

I have to hand it to Geek Sweets for proving to me that I have not, in fact, seen it all when it comes to cupcakes, with their boron cupcakes. Their caption on Facebook says: "Why say it with flowers, when you can say it with cupcakes arranged into the atomic structure of Boron? Nobody doesn't like BORON." Indeed! (For the record, like many things I post about here, I had to look up boron. Wikipedia says: "Boron is a chemical element with chemical symbol B and atomic number 5.") Geek Sweets is based in Vancouver (Canada); find out more at and contact them at jenny at or 778-991-4335. Every time I see their cupcakes I wonder what geeky cupcake I would want them to make if I go to Vancouver. I'm still not sure!