Book lovers' cupcakes with edible book toppers for a 60th brthday

Several people have passed on these wonderful book cupcakes to me, and I agree they are perfect for the bookworm in your life, and a concept that could be customized depending on what genre of books you like to read. They were made for a woman's 60th birthday, and feature books that have shaped her life, including The Lovely Bones, The Book Thief, A Woman of Substance, Chicken Licken and more. I've included these Tiffany box cake pops and these other fun They're by Victoria's Kitchen, via their Facebook page. Visit for more information.


Janell said…
WOW! You are so talented :) My mouth is watering just looking at these creations.. must mean your doing a wonderful job!
iamthezookeeper said…
The mini book toppers are by far the best so far! What a great idea. A lot of people are going to be making these beautiful cupcakes. Thanx!