I celebrated National S'mores Day at Sweet E's Cupcakes

I celeebrated National S'mores Day by eating one of my favorite s'mores cupcakes, from Sweet E's Cupcakes in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, on Martha's Vineyard. I thought I'd heard they'd closed, but they just moved next door, so are now located inside an ice cream and frozen yogurt and candy shop; you can get all your sweet treats at once! Their s'mores cupcakes is a wonder to behold; it has a powered sugar topped graham cracker on top of a very sweet frosting and chocolate, plus a vanilla (I think) cake. Honestly, the graham cracker alone, tinged with frosting, is plenty sweet. They cost $3.50 and are best shared, unless you can finish a whole one (I couldn't). I also like that they're open late, until 10 or 11! Visit their Facebook page for more information.

with the top off


Mooninmygarden said…
Looks delicious, I had no idea it was national s'mores day!