Your Cupcake Questions Answered

 Photo By SurlyGrrrl

We get loads of questions in our inbox, and have had been too busy to answer them. A few months ago I met the founder of Vimspot who has developed an advisory platform for people to ask questions and get answers from experts.  Since we are planning to do the first ever Cupcakes Take The Cake Awards, we can use the funds to reserve a venue.

We are raising money for a Cupcakes take the Cake Awards show which will be in December and have joined a new advisory platform called to help. The way it works: anyone with an urgent question can email me at Cupcakes Take The Cake at Vimspot
If I respond, you get charged a fee and I earn money for the contest. A few important things to note: The vimspot address is only for urgent questions and micro-consultations like wedding cupcakes or finding a custom cupcake baker in your area.  You'll get a link to enter your credit card info. After you do that, the message will be delivered to me. You'll only be charged when I answer. If I don’t answer, you don’t get charged.

  • This is to help raise money for the Cupcakes take the Cake Awards.
  • This email is separate from cupcakestakethecakeATgmailDOTcom. Feel free to email us links, suggestions and comments as always. 
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