8 bacon cupcakes for a belated National Bacon Day

Yesterday was National Bacon Day and we missed it (sorry!) but here are 8 bacon cupcakes of various kinds for the meat lovers (and a vegan bacon cupcake at the end).

Bacon-JalapeƱo-Peach cupcakes by My Baking Heart

Peanut butter bacon cupcakes, photo by SanFranAnnie on Flickr via Grub Street San Francisco

Bacon chocolate cupcakes by Ingrid's Adventures in Baking & Cake Decorating, photo by Russell Gearheart Photograph

Glitter bacon by Amanda Cupcake via Flickr

French toast and bacon cupcakes by The Busty Baker

Double chocolate bacon cupcakes by Snixy Kitchen

Bacon and egg and Ron Swanson cupcake by Death by Cupcake

And finally, here's a video about how to make vegan maple facon cupcakes by Mister Nice Guy:

vegan maple facon cupcakes by Mister Nice Guy, who has the recipe!