Couldn't we all use a cupcake fairy grandmother to make our dreams come true?

I think so, and in the case of Waupaca, Wisconsin's Amanda Cupcake, she found one who is helping her realize her dream of opening a cupcake bakery, which is happening in October:
Fall Themed Open House /Grand Opening Celebration for Amanda Cupcake's Cupcake Mansion: Saturday October 20th Address: N28411 US Hwy 45 South of New London ♥ 1:00pm-4:00pm
You can also find her on Facebook and Flickr, and here are a few of her glittery cupcakes and cake pops. Contact Amanda Cupcake at msamandacupcake at or 920-915-3409.

adorable animal cupcakes

dark chocolate hazelnut coffee bean Kit Kat cupcakes

purple frosted red velvet red wine cupcakes

hamburger cupcakes

s'mores sparklette cupcakes

princess doll cake pops

carnival wedding cupcakes

last but definitely not least: a red heart motorcycle cupcake to support the ALS Ride