Cupcakes at Starbucks in Dubai

I had the pleasure of discovering that Starbucks in Dubai sells two kinds of filled cupcakes, vanilla and raspberry. I wound up in a little shopping mall that wasn't the one I was supposed to be in, so decided to pop in and have a coffee and was delighted at how lovely it was. For me, there is something about drinking coffee out of a mug rather than a paper cup that I appreciate. Also, this coming Saturday, September 29th is National Coffee Day! That makes me happy. The raspberry was the better of the two cupcakes, I would say, but both were good. The filling on the raspberry was a jam-like consistency and taste, which worked well with the thicker, buttery cream of the frosting. These cupcakes aren't as good as you might find at a bakery, but they are worth trying if you're at a Starbucks in Dubai!