Cupcakes with glasses for an eye doctor's office plus peppermint patty and Andes mint, nonpareils, pink fauxstess, drunken berry, Fuzzy Navel, Grand Marnier and sex on the beach cupcakes

I love how cute these cupcakes with glasses are! They're by Clyde's Cupcakes in Exeter, New Hampshire, for Hampton Eyecare Associates. Via Clyde's Cupcakes on Facebook. And while I'm posting about Clyde's Cupcakes, I couldn't resist a few more scrumptious looking cupcakes. They can be reached at clyde at or 603-583-4850 and you can find out more at

peppermint patty and Andes mint - how would a mint chocolate lover choose?

"the drunken berry" cupcake: vanilla cupcake filled with Disorono, with raspberry butter cream, topped with fresh berries and chocolate ganache

Fuzzy Navel cupcake: moist lemon cake top with a Peach Schnapps butter cream

Grand Marnier cupcake

Sex on the Beach cocktail cupcake with peach Snapps