Diary of a Cupcake Princess

Hello cupcake friends! My name is Dorothy Tong, and I am The Cupcake Princess™!  I have been an avid follower of Cupcakes Take the Cake since it first began, so I am thrilled to be a guest blogger! I am the Founder of Cupcake & Cookie, where not only are we are surrounded by cupcakes all day, but also specialize in unique cupcake filled cookies® and cookie filled cupcakes®. And I am The Cupcake Princess™, as we do all of our cupcake deliveries and cupcake decorating parties dressed as princesses! Everyone always asks me what it is like to run my dream business, so I thought it would be fun to write a diary of a day as The Cupcake Princess™.

Saturday, September 2012

My alarm goes off at the crack of dawn, and I am so excited for the fun and sweets ahead!

Confetti Unbirthday cookie filled cupcake®
I meet my assistant at work, and we go over our baking schedule for the day (which I finalized the day before – Cupcake & Cookie is a custom bakery, so every day has a unique baking schedule). Our best selling Red Velvet Cheesecake cookie filled cupcakes® are on the baking schedule almost every day, and today is no different. Today’s cupcake schedule also has us making Confetti Unbirthday Cake, Red Queen, Chocolate Covered Banana, Brownie Cheesecake, my personal favorite - The Cupcake & Cookie, as well as a request for custom vegan chocolate cupcakes.

Strawberry Chocolate Chip cupcake filled cookie®
Once all the cupcakes and cookies are baking away, I get to work on the frostings while my assistant answers emails and mans the phone. Every day we get at least a few phone calls for rush orders, and we try to fill as many as we possibly can. After everything is baked and cooled, we do quality control and taste everything.  My favorite kind of breakfast :)

My cupcake princess delivery girl arrives around now, and we decide which princesses we want to be for the day – she opts for The Cupcake Princess™, and I go with Snow White. We are cupcake princesses, so our outfits are cupcake aprons inspired by princess outfits. 

Dorothy Tong, The Cupcake Princess
  My delivery girl and I go over every order delivery as we like to personalize each one. For example, today we have a cupcake delivery to a sweet seven year old who broke her leg and another delivery going to a football team to celebrate their first win of the season!

Red Velvet sampler boxed for delivery
And then the cupcakes and cookies are ready to go out! Delivering cupcakes is my favorite part of the job, so I always try to do as many deliveries as I can. Its so rewarding to deliver cupcakes – its like handing someone instant happiness! I am greeted at my first delivery by the most adorable toddler, who sees me dressed in my Snow White cupcake princess outfit, and immediately goes to put on her Snow White outfit. Instant smile on my face. Another delivery takes me to a house of giddy girls who have been sitting out on the lawn waiting for their cupcakes all day. They are ridiculously happy to see me, making me feel like a superhero. Now that their cupcakes have arrived, their slumber party fun can officially begin!

Once deliveries are done, I am back in the office finishing up for the day. I make the baking schedule for tomorrow and can’t wait to do it all again! There’s nothing else I would rather be doing than spending everyday baking sweets and dressing up like a Princess.

For more about Cupcake & Cookie, please visit: www.CupcakeandCookieLA.com and Facebook.com/TheCupcakePrincess

You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram @dorothytong or on my personal blog, www.TheCupcakePrincess.com


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What a wonderful concept and awesome job to have! Great guest post!