Donut pops now exist, thanks to Krispy Kreme

I haven't been to a Krispy Kreme in the United States in a while, but I will be stopping in as soon as I get home because I discovered yesterday at Times Square Centre in Dubai that doughnut pops (their spelling, I prefer "donut" personally) are now a thing. They really don't have that much to do with cupcakes except that they look like cake pops, but they are in donut (or doughnut) form. It's more economical to buy munchkins or actual donuts, but certainly not as much fun! I tried a chocolate coconut one and really enjoyed it. It's different from a cake pop in that it's not coated in candy and not as moist inside, and basically tastes exactly like a donut, but on a stick. Maybe there's a way to combine donuts and cupcakes on sticks, or make a mini donut and mini cupcake kebab?