Portland, Maine follows in Portland, Oregon's footsteps with its first food truck, Love Cupcakes

Portland, Maine, a town I visited last November and adored, officially has its first food truck and it's a cupcake truck called Love Cupcakes, and they make full use of their name with t-shirts proclaiming "Who doesn't LOVE cupcakes?" Who indeed? The photos below are via their Facebook page, where there's a whole album dedicated to their restoration of a 1968 travel trailer to turn it into a cupcake truck!

Here's some more information about their process from Bangor Daily News:
Food trucks can operate on private property in nonresidential sections of the city during the day, and anywhere during the off-hours. But the trucks still have to keep their distance from existing restaurants.

The maze of regulation is one reason Love Cupcakes spent the summer in Falmouth.

“We bought the trailer about a year ago, and it took about a year to figure out where and how all the permits were going to work,” Anna Turcotte said.
And from WLBZ 2 News, which also has a video interview:
Operators still have to make sure Love Cupcakes is at least 65 feet from other restaurants.

Co-owner Jenny Spear says that navigating the city's regulations was tricky. "It's been a kind of slow process," Spear explains, "but as soon as laws changed in the city, people have been super supportive in getting us going."

So far, Love Cupcakes is the only business to apply for a movile food vendor license.
It's interesting because Portland, Oregon is home to hundreds of food trucks, including dessert truck The Sugar Cube, with its chocolate caramel potato chip cupcake, so I'm glad Portland, Maine is getting on the food truck bandwagon as well. Check them out and we will have more information on them soon, and hopefully I can go back and visit. In addition to the cupcake truck, they do custom orders and cater parties and other events. You can contact them at anna at lovecupcakesinme.com or 207-749-1671 and follow them @LoveCupcakesME on Twitter.

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