The Cupcake Crusaders' Baltimore Area Favorites

Hi Everyone! My name is Stacy and I'm part of a blogging trio, the Cupcake Crusaders. When we saw that Cupcakes Take The Cake was looking for some guest bloggers this week, we jumped at the chance. Fellow Crusaders, Jenn and Elisa, have helped me put together a list of our favorite cupcake spots in our hometown, the Baltimore, MD area. Below are 5 cupcake bakeries that we think are worth a visit: 

Charm City Cupcakes 
While most Baltimore City cupcake shops have only been around for a few years (or less), Charm City Cupcakes was ahead of the “cupcake craze” when it opened about seven years ago.Their location is convenient and their cupcakes are consistently moist and flavorful.

(Cannoli and Almond Raspberry Cupcakes from Charm City Cupcakes)
(Mint Chocolate Cupcake from Charm City Cupcakes)

Fresh Bakery
Fresh Bakery provides creative and mouth watering square cupcakes. If the shape isn’t unique enough, their flavor combinations always make us want to return to try something new. Whether you are looking for something different or an old fashioned standard, Fresh Bakery delivers.

(Mother's Day Cupcakes from Fresh Bakery)

(Classic Vanilla Cupcake from Fresh Bakery)

(Snickerdoodle Cupcake from Fresh Bakery)

IcedGems Baking
IcedGems not only has a storefront located in Reisterstown, MD, they also have a cupcake truck which provides cupcakes all over Baltimore City. Their menu boasts a long list of unique flavors which makes it impossible to choose just one.

(Assortment from IcedGems Baking)

(French Toast Cupcake from IcedGems Baking)

(Birthday Cake Cupcake from IcedGems Baking)

Kupcakes & Co.
Kupcakes & Co. has consistently fresh cupcakes, with light, fluffy, moist cake and a large rotating menu of cupcakes, so there's something for everyone. The team there is friendly, always offering great service, helpful suggestions, and a smile.

(Assortment from Kupcakes & Co.)

(Blueberry Danish Cupcake from Kupcakes & Co.)

(Root Beer Float Cupcake from Kupcakes & Co.)

Midnite Confections
At Midnite Confections, the mother/son team create a welcoming atmosphere where they serve their fresh, homemade cupcakes. If you get there right after they open, you may end up with a warm, just-baked cupcake!

(Warm Butter Pecan Cupcake from Midnite Confections)

(Assortment from Midnite Confections)

(Assortment from Midnite Confections)

Although these are some of our favorites, we don't want to forget our Gluten Free and Vegan cupcake lovers! For Gluten Free cupcakes we recommend Sweet Sin Bakery and Cafe (AKA: Sweet 27). Their Chocolate Raspberry cupcake will have even those not on a Gluten Free diet coming back for more. If you need cupcakes of the Vegan variety, Dirty Carrots  has been present in the Baltimore cupcake scene for a little while now, but just opened their first storefront. Their cupcakes tend to be on the dense side, but the cake is moist and the frosting smooth. 

If you aren't afraid to drive out of the city a little further, we also highly recommend Starry Night Bakery and Coffeehouse (located in Westminster, MD) and Snickerdoodles Bakery and Coffeehouse (located in Hampstead, MD). They are also a couple of our favorite places, so we'd like to give them a shout out!

We want to say "thank you" to the team at Cupcakes Take The Cake for allowing us to be guest bloggers. We have loved this blog for a long time and are happy to now be a part of their cupcake awesomeness!