The key lime cupcake at Bloomsbury's Cupcakes in Dubai deserves its own post

I will post more about my visit to Bloomsbury's Cupcakes at The Dubai Mall, but I wanted to share these photos of their key lime cupcake, one of two I tried, first. Isn't it beautiful? The spikes of meringue were actually a bit stiffer than I was expecting, but tasty, but the real treat is the key lime inside, especially mixed with the meringue and cake. I like that while you can get your cupcakes to go, you can also sit down; it's more restaurant than bakery, and they also serve high tea. It came on a real plate with a fork, which I found very useful. Bloomsbury's Cupcakes is also home to the world's most expensive cupcake, which I'll be posting more about soon. I'm also excited to say that I have now eaten cupcakes in four countries (the U.S., Canada, England and Dubai), and I look forward to trying many more. Find out more at