Cupcake TARDIS: Deconstructed

via Tumblr
Well that's definitely one way to make a TARDIS! Go grab your favorite cake mix and some canned frostings! Bake up your favorite flavor and arrange them in TARDIS formation. Dye one of your cans of vanilla frosting a dark blue and frost almost all the cupcakes, be sure to only frost half of the ones that will end up being the windows, sign, and light on the TARDIS. Use a little chocolate frosting to get the Police Box up and feel free to use white sprinkles or candies to spell out the sign. If you're feeling confident in your piping skills it might be easier to just pipe the lettering with your left over vanilla frosting.

Voila! You've made a TARDIS out of cupcakes! Now go find your fellow Whovians and enjoy them over an episode of Doctor Who! Allon-sy!