Wear your love of cupcakes and candy corn on your face with cupcake and candy corn eyelash jewelry from Etsy

Yes, your eyelashes can now say to anyone who encounters you, "I love cupcakes!" Etsy seller Eyelash Jewelry sells these tiny glass beads on thin wire you can adorn your eyelashes with. The first two cost $5, the third is $8, and the candy corn eyelash jewelry, which I know is not about cupcakes but is about Halloween, is $25. What do you think? To me it seems like something totally up Katy Perry's alley! Via Cupcake Love-In on Pinterest (in other news, I'll be a judge at Cupcake Love-In in Scottsdale, Arizona on November 11th!).

Here's the text for the listing of the first set of eyelash jewelry:
This sugary set of beaded eyelash jewelry will make your mouth water, not your eyes! Crafted out of tiny beads and ultra light-weight polymer clay slices, this confectionery treat would be the perfect finishing touch on any dessert-themed costume.

This set of eyelash jewelry is made to order. You will receive a brand-new set packaged in a sturdy plastic case. Making time is typically 1-5 days, and if you need this order rushed, please ask me ahead of time. Custom requests are welcome. For example, I am happy to substitute different color beads, adjust the length of the band, and make other small changes to the design per your request.

Eyelash jewelry is handmade with care using high quality glass beads and ultra fine beading wire. I created this product in 2010 after searching for a sturdier alternative to the mass-produced false eyelashes on the market. Eyelash jewelry is light weight, water proof, and flexible. Simply bend the beaded band into the shape of your eyelid, apply a thing layer of adhesive (such as Duo eyelash glue, sold in most drug stores) allow the adhesive to "set" and become tacky, then press the jewelry onto your eyelid directly above your own eyelashes.