Giveaway: $150 of Johnny Cupcakes Merch!

 Another amazing holiday-time giveaway! And this one's a peach. Cupcakes Take the Cake and the iconic Johnny Cupcakes are giving away a $150 gift certificate good for anything you please from or from one of his stores.

Some info on Mr. Johnny Cupcakes (aka John Earle) and his stores, just in case you've been living under a rock:
Johnny Cupcakes is an independent clothing and accessories brand founded by CEO John Earle, who began selling his quirky cupcake-themed t-shirts and pins to friends out of the trunk of his beat up '89 Camry in 2001.
Johnny Cupcakes has moved far beyond suitcase-based sales and expanded its reach to include a retail site and eye-catching and engaging storefronts in Boston, Los Angeles and London, UK. Each space is designed as a vintage bakery and displays signature products inside refrigerators and glass bakery displays. All Johnny Cupcakes designs are exclusive and most are printed just once, making the products not just stylish, but collectible.

Since you can buy whatever you please with your winnings, I can only suggest some favorites:

·       BAKE Zip-Up Hoody for Girls ($64.99)
·       Crossbones Classic Guys Tee ($34.99)
·       Crossbones Classic Girls Scoop Tee ($34.99)

BAKE zip-up hoody!

Classic women's cupcake & crossbones tee.

And in unisex version:

I have this one, and I love it! It's so so so soft, perfect for wearing to bed.

Wanna win? Bet ya do. To enter, please leave your email address in the comment section, below, and tell us what your favorite Johnny Cupcake product is. This giveaway is open to USA residents only, sorry. We'll be picking a winner and notifying that person via email on Monday, January 7, 2013 (still seems so
weird to type that).

Good luck!



Sarah said…
I like the "do more of what makes you happy" t-shirt - it's a good resolution in and of itself :) oh and the sticker! and the cupcake initiative sticker is funny :D

and the bake hoodie.

appifanie at gmail dot com
Bianca said…
i neeeed a cupcake + crossbones shirt in my life! :)
kendahl said…
I really like both the Happiness tee and the Brontosaurus Bake tee, and the classic Crossbones pullover!

Kelly said…
I love the red "Freshly Baked" t-shirt, and the V-neck with the little logo. And Bakeasaurus! Man, I'd have a field day with this prize!
Tammigirl said…
It's the panda with the cupcake shirt and OH MY GOSH - the playing cards!
Sara Bee said…
Love the black and evergreen crossbones t-shirt.
Snbadgett AT gmail DOT com
suburban prep said…
I like the hoodie

msgb245 at gmail dot com
Winston Forrest said…
Spackler Henley is nice.

wef1159 AT gmail DOT com
Evelyn R said…
I like the panda with the cupcake shirt
windycindy said…
"Happy New Year!" I love all of their products; especially the
BAKE Hoodie,Script Cuffed Beanie
and the Spackler Henley.
It would be fun picking goodies
for our son and his fiance'.
Many thanks, Cindi
Burnt said…
My favorite is the make cupcakes not war tshirt
coco11 said…
It's a tri-tie for me & Johnny Cupcakes!

1) JC x HK Vampire Bat Kitty Pullover Girls
2) Happiness (Athletic Grey) Girls
3) Script Girls

Happy 2013 to every cupcake in you!
The Trakh's said…
Love the hoodies!
Alyx Rice said…
I REALLY love that BAKE hoodie..I would pick up one of those for sure..
Love my classic crossbones hoodie!!:)

Cakegirlkc at gmail dot com
My email is
Cakegirlkc at yahoo dot com

TiKiGuRl said…
Luv their Hello Kitty stuff!
Liz Tosti said…
Love the Crossbone Classic. My 21 & 19 year olds have been wearing their T shirts for years.
I love the cupcake and crossbones tee, it's so cute!

Shauna Granit said…
I have many of their shirts but my favorite is the "Make Cupcakes Not War" t-shirt I bought last year! Also, I have a shirt that says "Bake More" in the Star Wars font. I get compliments on it every time I wear it!
Vanessa S. said…
Limited edition Marilyn Monroe birthday shirt is my all-time fave!
lyssa said…
Love the "Do More of What Makes You Happy" t-shirt!
lyssa said…
Love the "Do More of What Makes You Happy" t-shirt!
Shoshana said…
anything with "Make Cupcakes Not War" on it :D
carole said…
like the zip up hoodie
mckygrl said…
The flying monkey shirt is one of my favorties as well as the jaws shirt (which I still get asked about every time I where it). Love johnny cupcakes!!
Lady Cupcake said…
i like the bake zip up girls hoodie
iamladycupcake at gmail dot com
Southern Girl said…
Ooo, I am all over that BAKE hoodie!! It's perfect!

sharinlilbit (at) gmail (dot) com
kaysee bruno said…

His stuff is so cute !!
Cat said…
Love their classic crossbones pullover girl hoodie

fates16 at hotmail dot com
Kristen said…
The 'BAKE' zip-up hoodie is at the top of my favs.
I would really love to win this Johnny Cupcake contest! I love all of the Hello Kitty JC t-shirts and the traditional Cupcake and crossbones apparel.
Oops forgot to add my email:
Love the Happiness tee or the classic tee! Love Johnny Cupcake!
Melissa Munoz said…
I'm a sweater girl so the Bake zip-up hoody is by far my favorite product. I also liked those limited edition shirts sold once that came in these cute tins.
Bernadette said…
I love the Harry Potter inspired shirt Johnny came out with right before the final Harry Potter movie came out in theaters! It's called "Hungry Potter" and has a lightening bolt on Harry's forehead that glows in the dark. Loooooveeee that one it is for sure my favorite Johnny shirt!
Kathy Ward said…
would love to start out the new year a winner!!!
Peace-O-Cake said…
I have a Johnny Cupcakes tote that I ABSOLUTELY love! I can use it for whatever I need. Also, the "Make Cupcakes Not War" shirt is def a favorite.
dcelso said…
I love the bake zip upo hoodie!
I have a niece that NEEDS a classic sweatshirt and a Hello Kitty t-shirt!

Brenda @
Kim Howard said…
I like the Oven Mitt Zip Up for Girls. I would love to go shopping for me and my son something from JC.
Janis said…
I like the heather blue "Do More of What Makes You Happy" T-shirt. And the "Make Cupcakes Not War" keychain. And my son just chimed in... He wants a Cupcake and Crossbones T-shirt. I hope I win so I can get him one. Thanks for the opportunity!
Katie Donbavand said…
I would LIVE in that "BAKE" hoodie!
Holly Marie said…
I LOVE the Mount Cupcake t-shirt!

hollybeach (at) gmail (dot) com
Tony CakePoP said…
I think Johnny Cupcake designs are just so cool ... my favorite is the classic cupcake/cross bones in black and white ... but really like the bright colors for the summer too!! Please Pick Me!!!!
Tony Faillo
P.S. love your blog!
I love the Bake-asaurus shirt because it embodies everything I love, CUPCAKES AND DINOS! Also, the classic cupcakes and crossbones has been a favorite since I first learned of Johnny Cupcake years ago. It's a constant inspiration to me to keep plugging away at my own business plan to open up a real live bakery one day! Dreams!

seasonstaybehind at gmail dot com
Eva said…
Oooh my favorite is the JC x HK Vampire Bat Kitty Pullover Girls

Toni said…
Dinosaurs + cupcakes = my new favorite tee!

msmanatee at excite dot com
Rebel Mel said…
I'm totally loving all of the hoodies, I can't choose a favorite! Hopefully I win, that way I'll have to choose !! ;-)

M3lissa.ann (at)
mikehowes said…

I'd love the BAKE sweatshirt now that it's very cold out! Thanks!
Wendy Lutz said…
Love the hoodie!!!
magnidoodle.wendy at gmail dot com
My favorite is "Happiness (Heather Blue) Girls" because there are so many things that make us unhappy, we all need to get a Happiness T and live it up a little -- Don't worry, be happy!
Unknown said…
My favorite Johnny Cupcakes product is the Happiness (Athletic Grey) Girls Tee. Cupcakes always brightens my day and makes me smile. Studying for final exams at school are stressful, but cupcakes are the best reward! I would love to enter this giveaway, for this line is amazing!

Thank you so much, and Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!

Lasha -
Sonia said…
Wow! I love the Bake Hoodie, well all the sweatshirts/hoodies! :) Thank You!
Valerie Cizek said…
I LOVE the "make cupcakes not war" t-shirt, because let's be honest, we ALL think our cupcake creations could stop a war!! :-)

P.S.- Thanks!
At first I couldn't decide but I think I'll go with the Constellation Girls tee. It integrates two of my favorite things cupcakes and the stars!

Sara said…
the cupcake and cross bones coffee mug I have is my favorite mug!
This comment has been removed by the author.
my favorite is the cupcake
melanystar said…
Support your local bakery!
carole said…
love the cupcake hoodie
eclairre said…
Awesome giveaway! My favorite product is the JC x HK Mummy Kitty Girls

Dorothy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chocolate said…
i love their cute tshirts! i have the last one you posted, too :)

thanks for a great giveaway!

sparklinglitters [at] gmail [dot] com
Kelley Brown said…
Love the martha's vineyard line
I love the bake zip up!
I would love that "BAKE" hoodie!!
Anna said…
the hello kitty line is always adorable!

but my favorite is the classic pull over black hoodie. <3

I love the hello kitty shirts and also the bake hoodie
My favorite product? That is too hard! Everything is so cool :) Loving the 'Big Kid Story' shirt, the 'Bake' hoodie for girls, and 'Do More of What Makes You Happy' pins (tons of them)! Hope I win!
My email is:
Love the hoodie!
S.T. said…
"Make Cupcakes Not War" Brilliant! A tee with that message and a BAKE zip up hoodie would be my new favorite outfit!
cosmichotpants said…
Mummy Kitty & Vampire Bat Kitty are my favs!!

sweetone624 said…
I like the cupcake and crossbone tshirt. Thanks for the chance.

sweetone62406 at hotmail dot com
jenblye said…
the panda cupcake tshirt... combining two of my favorite things: pandas and cupcakes!

jb228 @
AK said…
I like the cupcake and crosbones!
akreadsbooks at gmail dot com
Caity said…
I love love love the Cupflake shirt! Why? Because I am a Colorado girl living in NYC and seeing that graphic warms my soul. :)

caitlin dot merrell at gmail dot com
Sally Dee Olea said…

i love the BAKE hoodie!!
SAB said…
OMG!! Such a yummy giveaway! I liked their take on a Mondrian painting with a Cupcake in it. Sadly, I don't think its available anymore.... :-( Sad panda! Oh well, I am sure I could find something else! :-)
Jawed Ali said…
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