Happy New Year 2013 mojito cupcakes

Some mojito cupcakes for those who like alcohol cupcakes (or just some festive star and glitter decorations for those who don't). Get the recipe (in German, but you can translate it) at Sweet&Style (via Flickr).


Paris Pastry said…
Happy New Year! Best wishes to you in 2013! Xx
Unknown said…
Fruity, chocolaty, snow white vanilla? Everything is possible and everything is truly delicious if you know your baker. The success of my parties for New Year Eve comes with the dessert and I trust the knowledge and the creativity of professional bakers. Thanks for amazing me every year!
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Connie W. said…
This looks delicious and so festive! I love how this cupcake is specially made for the new coming year, experiencing it with a splash of glitter, just how you are supposed to start off the New Year. Furthermore, I love the decorations. The moment you see them you can obviously tell what occasion it is and what we are celebrating. I am definitely going to bake these for my friends and family...but maybe minus the alcohol.