Baltimore Ravens football cupcakes with adorable tiny purple jersey toppers and purple buttercream inside

Kupcakes & Co. in Elkridge, Maryland, is ready for sports fans and is selling these special Baltimore Ravens chocolate cupcakes with purple buttercream and tiny adorable edible jersey toppers for $3.50 today and Saturday! Find out more on their Facebook page and at and contact them at michelle at or 443) 552-3033.

chocolate pecan turtle cupcakes

chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes


Connie W. said…
Yummmm :) Are these all for the Baltimore Ravens football cupcakes? I am sort of confused. Both the chocolate pecan turtle cupcakes and chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes seem a little elegant for this occasion. However, I will still eat them because they are the cutest cupcakes for this occasion! Furthermore, do you know how to make the butter cream filling for that cupcake? It seems delicious! Lastly, would you be able to tell me if Kupcakes & Co. make any other cupcakes for the other football teams?
Jenn said…
The chocolate turtle and cookie dough cupcakes are part of their new Boutique line. The blog I write for, Cupcake Crusaders, just reviewed them a couple of days ago:

The cookie dough cupcake is amazing!