Interview with ConfeXion Cupcakes+Cake

We sat down with Anthony Valerio of ConfeXion Cupcakes+Cake (formerly Wonderland Custom Cakes) to discuss all the amazing achievements and changes he and his bakery have undergone in the past year.

Tell us about yourself!
Anthony Valerio, 29, Co-Owner and Executive Pastry Chef at ConfeXion Cupcakes+Cake in Pasadena (formally Wonderland Custom Cakes).
Auntie Vandy & Anthony Valerio
With everyone making new changes for themselves in 2013 I hear that your bakery is also making a big change…Introducing ConfeXion Cupcakes+Cake! Why the name change and what does this mean for your shop?
The name change was something that my business partner, Auntie Vandy, and I always wanted to do. It was difficult to do it in the past year because of all of the Cupcake Wars press so this seemed like a logical time to change our name. We really love the new name, it is innovated, which is exactly how we see our brand. And, of course, it means expansion! 

In just a short year ConfeXion Cupcakes+Cake has made quite the name for itself! In one sentence, how would you describe 2012 for your business?
Incredible, amazing and interesting.

ConfeXion Cupcakes+Cake is best known for being two-time Cupcake Wars champions, however you’ve won various other awards as well (LA’s Best Cupcake, Pasadena’s Best). To what do you attribute this amazing success?
Dedication, hard-work and passion. Without those attributes, we’d have nothing. We have a sincere dedication to making the best cupcakes for people – LA and beyond. And we work extremely hard at making it a reality. 

Speaking of success you created a beautiful wedding cake for the official Farmers’ Insurance Dream Wedding Event. Your gorgeous creation made its national debut aboard the Love Float at The Rose Parade this year, how was that whole process?
Being part of the excitement surrounding the wedding, working with the couple and seeing our cake on national television was amazing. We really love being a part of Pasadena and contributing to its history and working within the community. So this was very special for us.
Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting
With your one-year anniversary coming up, what’s in the future for ConfeXion Cupcakes+Cakes?
A lot actually. We like to keep pushing ourselves. We’ve recently been invited by Gilt Taste to become part of their online marketplace, so right now we are coming up with a few special cupcake packages which will be available for online purchase nationwide! We also have a few appearances and demos scheduled this year. We are also looking at expanding into another location!

Cupcake Gelato Sundae
Plus, we are planning on expanding our product line to go beyond cupcakes and to include Signature Couture Cakes, gourmet cookies and brownies, cupcake-gelato sundaes and even some other surprises! We’ve introduced some of these products already in a test phase and people are still asking for them so we are very excited to give them a more permanent home on our menu! Our Signature Couture line will be a line of non-custom cakes that are essentially a modern upgrade to the average bakery cake. They will be baked fresh per order and will come in our most popular cupcake flavors. It’s basically everyone’s favorite cupcakes in cake form! Who doesn’t love that! And, of course, we are going to expand our line of gluten-free options to these products as well. 

German Chocolate Signature Couture Cake
Anything else you’d like to say?
Please check out our social media page – Facebook and Twitter. Follow us, Like Us, Visit Us…it’s the quickest way to stay connected to our news! And of course, stop by and visit us! We’re always looking forward to meeting new people in our Pasadena bakery.

ConfeXion Cupcakes+Cake
(formally Wonderland Custom Cakes)
11 W. Dayton St.
Pasadena, CA 91105

Twitter: @ConfeXionCC
Instagram: @ConfeXionCC