I don't know what's in this cupcake but I want to eat it!

I do know it's by Cupcake Mojo and it's their Wahlburgers cupcake, a promotion with a local restaurant, Wahlburgers, at 19 Shipyard Drive in Hingham, Massachusetts, where you can buy it (someone on Facebook asked if that's a tater tot on top!). I think there's salted caramel action going on, but I'm not sure. I love when cupcake bakeries partner with local businesses for a win win, especially restaurants because, much as I love cupcakes, we all need to eat other things sometimes (right?). All photos via Cupcake Mojo on Facebook. They're located at 93 Washington Street in Weymouth, Massachusetts and can be reached at info at cupcakemojo.com or 781) 803-6606. Their cupcake flavors are listed here but not the Wahlburgers one, so it remains a mystery (but feel free to email us at cupcakestakethecake at gmail.com and fill us in!).

the mysterious but enticing Wahlburgers cupcake