Cupcake bakery job requirement: "a reliable, happy person that can hustle"

Cupccrazed Cupcake Bar in Fort Mill, South Carolina is hiring, and here's what they wrote on their Facebook page:
We are hiring! We need a part-time counter person, flexible 9am-4pm weekdays and Saturday availability is a must. We need a reliable, happy person that can hustle. Grumps need not apply.

No phone calls about the position- email us with questions and a resume - info at
So you know how to apply! Find out more at and check out some of their 2013 cupcakes, as well as their North and South Carolina cookies, which led me to wonder if it were possible to get cupcakes into shapes of states? Or maybe a state baked inside a cupcake?

Thin Mints!

chocolate covered potato chip! (this one was around Super Bowl time)

coconut kiwi and peanut butter and jelly with peanut butter cookie

tie dye tutti fruity

root beer float

choco loco

their "not everyone is on a diet" strawberry cupcake

Mardi Gras cupcake

Carolina shaped cookies!


Cuppycake said…
A resume to work as a counter person ?! LOL What a joke !
Unknown said…
id apply... but i work in fashion and am in the UK... boo.