Flour Power: Cupcake Bakeries and Groupon

This is the first of my new column about the cupcake business called, Flour Power.  This will be a weekly or bi-weekly blog post on Mondays about what matters to cupcake bakery owners. If you have suggestions about what to discuss, please send submissions.

In case you missed it, Groupon's CEO Andrew Mason was fired and the company is not doing well. I have chatted with many bakery owners over the years, and many have said that doing a Groupon deal has been stressful for their business. Some have even said that they have been detrimental to their business.

Conversely, many cupcake lovers love Groupon for the deals but often don't redeem in time or don't become regulars or repeat customers of the bakery. I would love to hear from you guys. Your opinion matters. I have a created a survey for our readers to answer. Click here to take survey

The FREE survey will only take 100 submissions, so feel free to leave a comment to this blog post after submissions are full.