Flour Power: Last Week's Survey Results And Cupcake Production

Last week's inaugural "Flour Power" column included a survey about Groupon and Cupcake Bakeries. Here's some things of note from the 37 responses.
  • Only 26% of Groupon purchasers have become repeat customers of the bakery.
  • 45% of bakery owners said that hosting a Groupon was NOT at all convenient.
  • 58% of Groupon purchasers have redeemed the offer.
This week is a question from a baker about how many cupcakes do a bakery bakes each week. The owner of Flavor Cupcakery submitted the topic and she says,

 I am the owner and our current practice is to sell out each day. However, I often waffle between selling out (an risking irritating customers) or have more cupcakes at the end of the day but then having to deal with waste (both logistically tedious and costly). I would love to hear a consensus from other cupcake bakers who bake FRESH every day.

Been tracking for over 1 year. Go by day of the week, we make more on the weekend. Unless there is a holiday earlier in week.

Here's some responses from Facebook:
  • About 8 dozens daily, and a few extra dozens on Friday and Saturday
  • During the we week we bake 100 dozen cupcakes and then the weekends about 150 dozen each day. More then I ever imagined!! 
  • I bake about 1000 cupcakes at week. Production definitely ramps up as the weekend approaches. Also, sales spike in cold, rainy weather, I think due to people wanting comfort food.
  • We bake about 250+ dozen a week. Summers, we certainly bake more. Tuesday is slow in the winter, and weekends are BUSY! Being our first year, we are recognizing some trends (i.e. seasons, weather, etc.). But we are loving every minute of it! It's more then we expected. Everyone LOVES cupcakes!


Linda said…
Great article. This is a great avenue to connect with other cupcake store owners. I hope someday you get to the Rochester area and can stop in for a cupcake!
Linda at From Scratch Cakery