Savory Breakfast Cupcakes

Are you a sweet or savory person? 

Most folks have a favorite, or at least a mutual appreciation for all things delicious.  I’m a sweet lover without a doubt!  I’d prefer a muffin over an omelet at breakfast and I’d even pass on dinner to enjoy a sugary cupcake.  However, that hint of saltiness amongst a mound of sweet can bring out the full flavor and send taste buds soaring.  

There are so many wonderful combination treats here on cupcakes take the cake to inspire a sweet and salty blend.  Yet, savory cupcake inspirations can be challenging to find.  I want to share a breakfast cupcake specifically for the savory lovers of the world.  I’m a dairy-free cook, so this recipe can easily be adjusted for lactose intolerant diets. But if you love cheese, consider mixing some grated cheese into the biscuit dough for extra flavor.
These cupcakes can be preserved overnight in the refrigerator and microwaved briefly in the morning for a quick and warm meal. Garnish after microwaving.  
Not only are these delicious cupcakes, but they’re perfectly portioned with a beautiful delivery.  The egg inside will be slightly runny which complements the spicy and salty homemade biscuit. The fried hash brown topping adds a rich, home-style flavor.  These cupcakes contain all of the basic breakfast foods: eggs, bacon, hash browns and a biscuit.  Impress true savory lovers with this innovative twist on breakfast.
This post was written by Tali Wee who blogs about life in the northwest for fun, and handles the community outreach for Charlotte, NC at Zillow for work.  She owns Wee PicketFences where she writes about being a new homeowner, bargain hunter, foodie and DIY enthusiast.  She enjoys family, food, travel, writing and spending time on projects around the house.