The joy of finding a new cupcake truck: Cupcake Carnivale in Philadelphia

Yesterday I was briefly in Philadelphia and parked outside 30th Street Station I found a plethora of food trucks (including cheese curd truck The Cow and the Curd!) and was so happy to discover a new (to me) cupcake truck, Cupcake Carnivale. Cupcakes were $3 each (discounted if you buy more), flavors rotate, and they were selling out fast. Luscious Lemon was sold out and the last PB&J was sold to the woman in front of me. I bought a chocolate and a vanilla cupcake. Both had very sweet frosting, almost but not quite too sweet. The vanilla tasted like what I feel like a grocery store cupcake would taste like if it were made fresh. I mean that as a compliment - it's what I want out of a vanilla cupcake but often don't find. The chocolate chips on top of the chocolate cake were a nice touch and that cake was very good, hardly crumbly, a rich chocolate taste. Sorry, I didn't get a photo of my cupcakes because I took them to go and ate them later - next time! I look forward to trying more of their flavors! Follow them @CupcakeCarny for locations, visit them at and contact them at info at or 609-751-8484.


Unknown said…
What a brilliant idea! I could do with one of these cupcake vans in my town. :)

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Unknown said…
Stunning idea with great thinking.I will also to take advantage this service.