Marshmallow and peanut butter buttercream equal the perfect fluffernutter cupcake by 3 Girls Cupcakes

Simonie of cupcake truck 3 Girls Cupcakes of Kansas City (and Liberty), Missouri was kind enough to bring me a dozen of their giant cupcakes (it's their regular size, but they looked big to me). First let me say thank you for her kindness, and that when I opened the box I was in awe of how amazing it smelled. I am getting over a cold so couldn't try them all but I went for the ones with one of my favorite flavors, marshmallow, and wow oh wow. The fluffernutter was amazing, with both marshmallow buttercream inside and peanut butter buttercream on top. What I especially loved was both how delicious each were and how light, a rarity with peanut butter and marshmallow. The combination of the two and the vanilla cake was simply perfect. The other marshmallow cupcake I tried was their hot cocoa cupcake, which had marshmallow frosting on a rich chocolate cake with a cookie on top. Also wonderful. Making marshmallow frsoting that's not too sweet, even for a marshmallow fanatic like me, is a challenge, and 3 Girls Cupcake met it and more! I look forward to coming back to Kansas City at some point and trying more of their cupcakes. Visit them at and on Facebook and @3GirlsCupcakes on Twitter to find out where they're parked. They also do custom cupcakes for weddings and other events, and can be reached at info at and 816-813-6999.

fluffernutter cupcake

hot cocoa cupcake

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